Self-Esteem & Confidence Issues

Lack of self-esteem is a major problem for many people and it has many causes that can interfere with a person’s life to varying degrees. It often originates from an invalidating relationship with one’s parents, or other people that have a major influence on a person’s life. Linda will use her counselling skills to help identify the roots of your self-esteem issues, and may also use hypnotherapy as part of your treatment to help build on new ways of thinking and to work with you to change your perceptions and build up a good, positive self-image.

Low confidence can be a result of poor self-esteem and can prevent a person from reaching their full potential. Working through your issues in therapy can help by drawing upon your inner resources and re-inforcing the positive qualities you already posess.

Hypnotherapy can also be useful for “one off” anxiety provoking events such as a driving test, performing in public or any other special event or situation.


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