The following testimonials are genuine client feedback used with informed consent. Names have been omitted to maintain confidentiality:
"When I first went to see Linda, I was at my lowest ever ebb. My ten year relationship had just ended. I was on the verge of a breakdown and all I could think about was trying to get back with me ex or committing suicide.
Seeing Linda had a calming influence on me, which helped my mental health. I would look forward to our weekly meetings to offload my anxiety and negative thoughts of the previous week. In Linda’s very calming, kind and professional way, she would help me see things in a positive light, helping build my self-esteem and confidence back up and give me belief in myself. I have gone from a negative, depressive person, who has always been a glass half-empty, to a person who is very positive, happy with a glass over-flowing.
Thank you Linda"

"Linda Hollick is wonderful in every respect! You go to her lovely house, talk like you've known her forever, and listen to her calming voice during relaxation therapy.


Gone is the angst I felt about my past; which included bad experiences with family, serious illnesses, bereavements, and just feeling I had a black cloud over my head.


She is so skilful in making you understand what the problems are, and how to deal with them. I am so thankful for Linda's help and I now feel free from the negativity that lowered my self-esteem.


I couldn't have done this without Linda. I am extremely grateful".

"I am 43 and I have been a smoking since I was 18. I didn’t think it was possible for me to stop smoking but due to health reasons and my children and grandson I decided to give it a go.
From a friend I was was put in touch with Linda we met had a consolation and a week later she did her thing. I was very sceptical of this working. But as of today I have been 4 weeks a non smoker. Everyday is a challenge but it is working. Even after this short time I feel a lot healthier and long may this continue.

I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who would like to stop smoking".

"Dear Linda,

What can I say? Wow, wow, wow! In all of 6 weeks you have righted 27 years of self-doubt, guilt and grief. My mum said to me yesterday 'I don't know what you paid but it was worth every penny and more. You are yourself again'.

My head teacher said, following the Easter break, 'You look so bonny, you look so well'.

Home life is calm because I now know how to let things go. I am different, I am a better person, people are noticing I am freer and lighter. So many thanks to you, I will be passing your details on many times. You have changed my and my wider family's life.

Many thanks, always."




"Having suffered with anxiety for a very, very long time, I decided it was high time to do something about it! A fear of flying and an impending holiday was brewing which intensified my need for support and fuelled my search to find a suitable person to help. A simple google search found me 'Linda Hollick' and thank goodness it did!! From our first initial session, I was reassured that I had found the right person and began my weekly appointments to manage the big 'A'! Over a cup of tea in Linda's cosy house, we began our work. She has a wonderful skill of helping you to be insightful into yourself and really understand how the problem has manifested itself and how to begin to manage it.


A few weeks later and I'm ready to take on my flight and holiday. Armed with a suitcase full of techniques to keep the pesky nerves and thoughts (which is all they are!) at bay. I did it!! Although our work didn't end there. Linda cleverly realised that a lot of my worries were actually linked to the grief of losing my Dad and so she began her work in dealing with this rather large subject. I was slightly worried about this work as the thought of discussing my loss was pretty scary and sad. I needn't have worried though. Linda is incredibly tactful and it has worked immensely.


I would strongly recommend that anybody who has a fear, phobia, anxiety or any other problem with mental health, pick up the phone and contact Linda. It is the biggest step forward and you will not look back. A brilliant piece of advice I was given before seeking counselling was this.......If you are prepared to spend money on getting your car serviced and fixed, why not spend the money on getting yourself working properly!! It really is important and I would recommend Linda over and over again. It is so important that whoever you choose, however busy they are, remember the little details that are so important in getting yourself better. She even remembers how you take your tea!!!


Thank you Linda, a pleasure to have worked with you."




"I first came to Linda in January 2015, I had reached the end of the road with alcohol abuse and had run out of all options. For many months (since Jan 2014) I had been seeking medical help to assist with tackling this problem, they referred me to the drugs and alcohol teams within the NHS, and I also attended some Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous meetings over several weeks. Unfortunately none of these helped alleviate the situation and things gradually went from bad to worse. I had lost my job, crashed my car and lost contact with all my friends and had considered suicide many times.


My mum had suggested I move from the mainland to the Island to get myself sorted, things were rocky for a while and the alcohol consumption remained high and almost on a daily basis, with no job I had to find an alternative solution. After searching for therapists close to home I came across Linda’s website; I made an appointment and that was the start of successful recovery process.


I was sceptical at first, after trying many things I wasn’t sure there was a solution, Linda assured me that she thought that I could be free from my alcohol use and addictions. The initial few weeks were information gathering to enable Linda to analyse and establish what was going on and have a bigger picture of the situation. Gradually as the weeks passed she worked on my relationship with alcohol, my self-esteem and formulated a wellness plan that would see me recover fully. With hypnotherapy and guided visualisations, Linda gave me the tools necessary to build my self-confidence and use them if I had urges to turn to alcohol.


Now for the first time I feel completely free from my terrible past. I couldn’t have done it without Linda, thanks so much. I really appreciate all of your help and support."




"From the very first moment I had made contact with Linda I knew everything from then on would be ok and it was.


I had made contact with Linda because I was suffering with anxiety guilt and had a constant black cloud over my head. Having anxiety I could not wait to see someone and Linda fitted me in with an appointment promptly. After our initial consultation I had hypnotherapy, EFT and counselling sessions.


My Anxiety was always started by something small and my mind made it in to an extremely big event where I could not think during the day. I would sweat before going to bed, struggle to sleep, my heart would race and I would think the worst things would happen.


Linda did not wave a magic wand for me but gave me tips and tricks to start off with to calm me down when anxiety was paying me a visit early on.


I am pleased to say that after the hypnotherapy, EFT and counselling I have had lots of situations which would have normally caused me anxiety but anxiety has not reared its ugly little head. The black cloud has gone and the guilt which I suffered has gone as well.


My glass is half full. My outlook on life is a lot better.


Linda is a very friendly person who is always happy and polite. She has never missed an appointment and I would like to say thank you."


For more information or to book a session please telephone Linda on 01983 731958 or 07761 222258.

Alternatively you may contact her by email: linda@wighthypnotherapy.co.uk